Electrolysis vessels

New 2019 products


What specifically changes:

• Clear vessel providing a view of chlorine production.
• Built-in deflector for even production. The water flow is spread over the entire plate surface area.
• Nut assembly for easier installation.
• Diameter 50 and 63 mm offset connection for easier installation.
• Electrode fail-safe forcing installation in the right direction and aligned with the water flow.
• Accessory holders to simply adapt injectors, pH sensors, redox sensors, flow detectors, analysis chamber connections, Pool-earth.


New 2019 products


New electrodes for unrivalled effectiveness:

• Dual pole electrodes
• Wider ranger adapted to pool volumes
• Salt level 4 grammes per litre
• Built-in fail safe for correct electrode positioning

• New 25 m3 electrode specially designed for small pools • Connection technology protected from corrosion for outdoor installation

Graphic identity

Innovation, quality, simplicity


Three values borne by our new graphic identity.

An identity that naturally accompanies the significant technical changes to our offer in 2019