Public swimming pools

Duo Stérpro :

the answer to public swimming pool water treatment requirements.

35 years of private pool water treatment naturally led Stérilor to develop a solution specially designed for public swimming pools.
The advantages of Stérilor Pro technology: optimum disinfection, bathing comfort, easy maintenance, budget control, water quality but also air quality, respect of the environment.

Duo Stérpro appliance design:

Two totally independent analysis and regulation stations but with the same functions to guarantee the expected result and the same interfaces to simplify appliance configuration.

Regulation station:
• Proportional regulation with an adjustable proportionality range to cover all pools from the smallest to the biggest.
• Timed analysis and regulation when the system is powered on allowing measurements to stabilise before the regulation starts up.
• Under/over dosing safety if set points are not reached within an adjustable time-frame.
• Low flow or no flow safety system using a flow controller on the first analysis chamber.

Specific accessories for public swimming pools:
• Public swimming pool pH sensor.
• Specific membrane-free amperometric sensor. No clogging issues or electrolytic gels.
• Analysis chamber with flow rate sensor so that regulation can be stopped in the event of no flow regardless of the reason.

: The Stérilor Pro range suits all pool configurations and sizes.
Effectiveness: The technology offered is based on a simple, comprehensive and precise configuration. The precision of the machine's configuration means that the water treatment method is perfectly suited to the swimming pool's characteristics, ensuring guaranteed results.
Peace of mind: Maintained water quality and continuous bathing comfort. The operator can therefore offer its user customers a continuous high quality service.
Simplicity: Stand-alone system and easy maintenance which limits interventions.
Quality: STERILOR design, using specific components for public swimming pools.
Savings: Reduced maintenance and servicing constraints, low energy consumption, etc., the Stérilor Pro is an investment that rapidly pays for itself.