Why treat pool water?

Quality, clear, healthy and odourless pool water is often the key to memorably pleasant moments. To achieve it requires a lot of effort and solid knowledge of the physical and chemical balance of water! Thankfully, there are many automatic treatment solutions available that allow you to forget this chore involving chemicals (and their cost!) and complicated handling.

From basic pool water pH regulation, to its full treatment using salt electrolysis, you can adapt your appliance to your needs: pool volume and environment, required level of comfort, budget…

Stérilor, a pioneer in automatic water treatment since 1985, immediately offered solutions combining quality and ease of use, thus going against the trend of apparently cheaper alternatives that were finally much more expensive (limited appliance service life, low quality materials, high cost of consumables, cells, electrodes, sensors… that had to be replaced too often), and which left users wanting to finally enjoy their pools with peace of mind and at a lesser cost.