The exclusives

Stérilor product design always meets a double objective: simplicity for the installer, comfort for the user.

The exclusive Stérilor LCD screen is a perfect example : lit, in colour, for practical use even in dark technical rooms. It allows all parameters to be seen at a glance. It provides clear data distribution per zone.

It has no hidden keys. Access to managed parameters is direct, with immediate display of changes. The keypad is secured for sensitive parameters by pressing on 2 keys at the same time.

When necessary, coded messages or diagnoses, are displayed on the screen depending on the case. Easy to understand, they make it possible to analyse the ongoing situation and very easily intervene on site or from a distance. This makes the user’s life much easier and avoids the pool professional having to travel to the pool during the season.

Simple, intuitive, accurate, the exclusive STÉRILOR LCD screen is a standard component on the following appliances: STÉRILOR pH, STÉRILOR Sel, STÉRILOR Duo and STÉRILOR Duo Insight.